Just getting a good mailing list

And senting it to prospects does not indicate business


Seek, and you shall find!

Today with new innovations becoming industry standards, traditional marketing techniques seem to have taken a back seat. For any marketing venture to be truly successful, it is necessary that a comprehensive plan is used. Putting all your eggs in one basket only makes it risky, turning a small setback into an insurmountable obstacle. This is precisely the reason why we at InfoUSALeads invest in different marketing practices to achieve the right balance. This we feel is the best approach for a wholesome marketing campaign.

In line with our business practice, InfoUSALeads offers telemarketing services together with its email campaigns. Once a prospect has information regarding the product or the service being offered, placing a call to that prospect increases brand retention and awareness. Moreover, it becomes an interactive campaign wherein a feedback for the email campaign can also be sought.


Positives of a telemarketing campaign

  • Brand recognition is enhanced if a call is placed as soon as the mail is delivered
  • Feedback on the offers can be taken in real time
  • Prospects can be motivated to make purchases by pitching the product through calls more effectively
  • Adding a personal touch to the brand

InfoUSALeads has a strong telemarketing team, which will reach out to customers, pitching your products, taking feedback and making enquires. Collaborating with InfoUSALeads not only increases your chances of success but also leads to value addition for your brand as well.

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