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Social Media Services

Social media is creating waves on the internet. It is no longer about social networking but about being a powerful tool that can be used to increase brand presence and awareness. Many companies use social networking sites to enhance their visibility, create brand value and generally increase brand chatter. Using social media tools for marketing purposes has become an industry standard. We at InfoUSALeads use tools to allow you to tap into the two way conversation that is the social media web.

Some of the powerful tools we use to enhance your social profile include:

Social Media Audit:

Here we look at your social media presence, where you rank on the likeability scale and what sort of chatter surrounds you. This will eventually help you in creating a social media marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy for Social Media:

If you do not have a clear picture as to what needs to be done to have an active profile on social media sites, we will come up with a robust plan for you.

Social Profile Creation:

We will pick out the social media sites, which are most favorable and, create as well as manage a profile for you.

Competition Analysis:

This is essential because what your competitor does, you should be doing too, albeit much better than them. Hence, we do an in depth research into their social media foot print, and then come up with strategies to counter them.

Blog Strategy: We will create and manage a blog for you. This is one of the most successful means of creating a conversation about your brand on the social network. Blog optimization is important today and we shall maximize your blog presence.

Widget Campaign:

Widget Campaign: An interactive widget campaign is helpful. If we understand that it will help you, we shall design one which is specific to your needs and implement it too.

Community Building:

Community building which will be favorable for you will receive attention from us. We shall enable brand building through community activities, increasing conversations involving your brand and/or product.

InfoUSALeads will assist you in creating a social media presence, which is strong and will create value for you. By using the right tools for the job and with keen market research, we will make your social media rank climb new levels.

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