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Deploy Effective Direct Marketing Campaigns

Response from direct marketing is as good as the postal contacts in your database. Surprisingly, most customer databases are riddled with incorrect or missing direct mailing address of subscribes. Reverse appending process eliminates such bottlenecks by replacing bad information with fresh postal contacts of users.

InfoUSALeads helps companies update postal contact information of customers by using minimum information (email address and name). During reverse appending, we use email address to locate corresponding postal information of each contact. It’s a great opportunity for marketers to start using postal information to start direct marketing campaigns.

Business Data

You can use reverse appending service to:

Update existing contact details with verified postal addresses

Append zip+4 details to each postal record

Users of reverse appending service

Reverse appending is best for marketers looking to expand direct marketing through direct mailers or those having incorrect or missing postal information.

Benefits accrued:

Connect users through postal communication channels

Discover multiple marketing channels and boost direct marketing revenue

Send geo-targeted offers to customers by using ZIP data

How reverse append works

We follow this process on all reverse appending process

Step 1 – Client sends contact file to InfoUSALeads

Step 2 – We perform data audit to locate typos, errors and prepare data for appending process

Step 3 – We scan your data against our master database of 62 million data

Step 4 – During scan we flag matching contacts for appending. Next we append respective postal information to corresponding record

Step 5 – The updated file with the postal data is returned to the client.

Leverage Additional Data for Maximum Reach!

If you have missing postal information in your database, then reverse appending is worth trying. You can start using the enhanced data for extra marketing reach and more.

Need more postal contacts in your database? Try InfoUSALeads reverse append to reach more customers for less cost.

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