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Are list appending services worth investing in?

List appending services are basically essential services required while using mailing lists. They ensure that the missing information is added and lists are clean, updated, and all the entries are genuine. This helps in better email deliverability, directly linking it with the success of the email campaign. If the email deliverability rates are low, it is wise to go in for email appending services.

Will email deliverability increase with appending?

Appending a list is a feature, which most mail listing service providers have. This is a necessary feature which ensures that email deliverability is maximized. One of the most important benefits of email appending is that it allows us to stay clear of spam traps. This is a very necessary feature. If the email vendor or the company doing the email campaign is spam trapped, it is very difficult to reverse it.

How do opt out messages help?

An opt-out message is an option given to a prospect asking them for permission to allow us to contact them for further communication. This opt-out message can be used by prospects to continue the communication or stop it. This way we can ensure deliverability of the mail or understand why they have opted out.

Do we need to insert the opt-out mail ourselves or does the vendor do it for us?

There are various options that one can take while using the opt-out message. It is suggested that we include it in the email. This can be done either by the vendor or by the client itself. Irrespective of who does it, it is up to the client to use it.

How long does email appending take?

Email appending is typically a long process where the executive has to personally ensure that all the emails are added, valid and in use. We have a smart tool which allows us to do the work faster. Depending on the size of the list and the industry, which we are catering to, definite time frames are clearly mentioned in the contract. If there is no opt-out message in the append text, then the turnaround time is around 5 business days. If there is an opt-out mail then it will ideally take 2 business weeks for the process to be completed.

What extra benefits do I gain from email appending?

Email appending basically ensures that all your contacts are genuine, increasing deliverability. The appending service also makes sure that all your email marketing campaigns are CAN-SPAM compliant. All spam traps are avoided ensuring that you are on the safer side. Your list becomes immensely powerful making your campaign precise and delivering to the point.

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