Just getting a good mailing list

And senting it to prospects does not indicate business


Analyze. That is the magic word!

Email campaigns are as effective as print ads, both increase brand value and deliver information, but this is where the similarity between the two ends. With a print ad, there is no way in which anyone can track what the customer will do next. However, this is not the case with email campaign. There are different ways in which email campaign can be understood and analyzed for its success or failure and often this is why email campaign trumps up a print campaign.

InfoUSALeads has a comprehensive system, which tracks emails and generate reports, a very effective means to spot issues and short comings in the campaigns.

Email Tracking and Reporting

Some of the important metrics that are followed include

  • Email open to click through rates
  • Bounce emails
  • Links are being opened and which are not
  • Optimization of landing pages

InfoUSALeads incorporates this metric analysis in its real time research of the email campaign. We pull up the deficiencies and address them. You will receive reports as to where the emails are going, who is opening them and in which part of the world and who are in turn coming at your website. This allows you to understand exactly where the email campaign is doing well and also make necessary changes when it does not. InfoUSALeads will ensure prospects make a beeline to your website!

Have you sent out an email campaign, and just waiting for prospects to make a beeline to your site? You don’t have to wait anymore, call us now!

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