Data always keeps marketers worried

Not able to communicate with your customers


More than 25% visitors signing up enter invalid data

Some visitors enter incorrect information either knowingly or are simply cautious to divulge personal details. Such information contributes to poor data quality of database; it is almost equivalent to not having 25 percent of your leads. Data Validation service is an answer to such problems, though it seems it is in fact a hectic and tedious task. Data of multiple fields email addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers are validated, as these are the critical to establishing contact with prospects and customers.

InfoUSALeads validates data either automatically or manually based on the fields. Email addresses and postal addresses are verified and validated through one set of automated tools. The database is then sent through another tool to match against the in-house master database, following which records are updated.

The telephone contact information is verified manually, our team of tele-callers verifies accuracy by checking information with contacts themselves. Most of the remaining fields in the database are also verified manually. Once your database is validated, we assure you it will definitely serve your business purpose.

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We offer and deliver wide range of data-centric solutions for improving the quality of data. We enable you to reach more customers. You can count on us to expand your markets, compete and grow your business.

Since 2004, InfoUSALeads has provided solutions to over 820 clients from different industries, and our solutions have helped overcome demand generation challenges. Our consultative approach improves the overall efficiency of your business by following our proven solutions.

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