Data always keeps marketers worried

Not able to communicate with your customers


Success of a Marketing Campaign is directly related to Quality of the database

Hence, it is very essential that your database is clean, complete, consistent, fresh and updated. To achieve a complete view and understanding of your contact base, your database has to be maintained and updated regularly. Data management service from InfoUSALeads includes three services namely, data Integration and consolidation, Data Quality and Data Hygeine.

Data Integration

Data Integration and Consolidation

Often customer data of is stored in different folders, and in different formats or in different languages. It could be a tedious job if one has to access, analyze or share this data.,To help companies overcome this issue, InfoUSALeads offers Data Integration and Consolidation services, to integrate customer data into client-specific database. With this service, you get greater control of your database and you can analyze customer trends to use the data effectively for marketing campaigns.

Result oriented service:

Benefits you get from Data Integration and Consolidation Service

  • Lowered costs
  • Improved ability to understand the behavior of customers
  • Communicate easily with customers
Data Hygiene

Data Hygiene

Databases are very volatile; customers change addresses, jobs, contact numbers, lifestyles, shopping habits, etc. This makes it tough for marketers to get in touch with customers. To stay connected with customers, the Data Hygiene service from InfoUSALeads needs to have accurate records in your database. Through this service, data is verified, corrected and enhanced.

Benefits that you get:

  • Smooth campaigns
  • Establish contact with lost customers
  • Stay connected with the existing customers
  • Meet targets within deadlines
  • Cut down costs

Data Quality

InfoUSALeads helps increase your data quality through various tools. Our tools can cleanse, verify and update your records to make your database highly accurate. Our Data Quality service makes your database suitable for marketing through any channel.

Through Data Quality service, we:

  • Verify email addresses for common syntax errors, case standardization and update the email addresses.
  • Verify mailing addresses for inaccurate and undeliverable addresses.
  • Identify change of address and update the database with current addresses. Add missing ZIP codes.
  • Verify phone numbers (Toll free numbers are also considered). Identify location and update with corresponding area codes.
  • Detect and delete duplicate records in the database.
  • Check for misspelt names.

Importance of Data Quality

  • Increases email deliverability
  • Avoid bounce backs
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Improve reliability of the database
  • Reduce spamming and fraudulent messages
  • Reduce waste by avoiding mails or emails or calls to incomplete addresses and incorrect phone numbers.
  • Create personalized messages to increase response rate
  • Understand customers better based on geography and internet behavior

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