Data always keeps marketers worried

Not able to communicate with your customers


Why do you need to cleanse your data at all

Data can get corrupted due to many reasons; whether due to manual data entry, or presence of repeated records in the master database, or automated capture processing or even data migration. Errors might occur while transferring information stored on paper documents to electronic media. All these can be issues can be resolved by Data Cleansing service.

The case for data cleansing is made clear when considering how easily errors can be made. Many industries and businesses banking, insurance, retail, transportation, telecommunications, rely on data, and even have sophisticated data cleansing services to clear database of unwanted and unnecessary entries..

Steps for data cleansing…

  • Data in any format like Excel, Access, CSV, XML, SQL Database is accepted
  • Data is imported and validated
  • Data is sent through the analyzer
  • The results from the analysis are compiled in the form of reports
  • Types of reports generated are proper name and address correction report, duplicate records report and custom reports
  • The reports are given to the client to review and approve
  • The client can either create new rules or modify rules
  • Execute the rules specified
  • Convert the files from the cleanser to formats that are easily accessible by the client
  • Multiple output formats – CSV, XML, etc.
  • Export the database to the client

InfoUSALeads possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in managing data of businesses. The company utilizes defined processes to achieve data accuracy and ensures data safety and security. The company incorporates semi-automates processes for faster, better and accurate results. You can get accurate data without any errors which saves a lot of cost by saving time and money. The Data Cleansing Service from InfoUSALeads increases your organizational efficiency and profitability. Get in touch with us today for the Data Cleansing service.

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