Data always keeps marketers worried

Not able to communicate with your customers


Run a quality check on your data

Data Audit sounds as another unnecessary investment to most of marketers. However, this is not the case always, according to a survey by the Direct Marketing Association, 20 percent of all data becomes obsolete every year. Though data seems healthy and perfect, it might include discrepancies like:

  • Incorrect, incomplete or even expired mailing or email addresses
  • Missing or incomplete ZIP codes
  • Incorrect and missing telephone numbers
  • Organizations that have moved
  • Obsolete data of people who have changed jobs

Data Quality

InfoUSALeads helps increase your data quality through various tools. Our tools can cleanse, verify and update your records to make your database highly accurate. Our Data Quality service makes your database suitable for marketing through any channel.

It’s a folly to keep on sending mails to incorrect addresses. If you are a company that relies completely on data, you definitely need a timely Data Audit service. InfoUSALeads has years of experience in scrutinizing data and has an eye for spotting errors. Your database is scrutinized, transformed and analyzed with the help of custom-built tools. Specialists at InfoUSALeads will help identify the investments you might need to make for your database to ensure it meets your business requirements.

Deliverables we provide after the audit:

  • Executive summary
  • Detailed observation
  • Action plan for the client
  • Executive debriefing of the audit
  • Audit report that explains measures that can be taken to make the database accurate and fresh.

Deliverables we provide after the audit:

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