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Add Reliable Business Data for Greater Profitability

Despite the importance of business data, most business databases contain incomplete or missing information of customers and prospects. Unreliable data is the main cause for mediocre campaign response, higher marketing cost and lost business opportunity. Business data appending is a reliable and proven way to remove wrong data and acquire correct information for your database.

InfoUSALeads business data appending service fills gaps in your database by adding relevant information to it. By filling right information in your database, we will help you build relationship with your customers, retain them and grow revenue by database marketing.

Business Data

Our business data appending service adds insight by appending more than 1400 data elements to your database. The appended data includes:

Contact name, Job title

Contact information (phone, email, mailing address, etc)

Revenue, SIC code, product code

Headquarters, Branch or Subsidiary information

Our business data appending process uses less time, cost and resources compared to the cost of managing the project in-house. Moreover, we provide high-match rate of over 65%, best in the industry.

Benefits of using business data appending

Maximize your CRM investment with accurate data

Expand marketing through multiple customer touch points

Faster turnaround time to establish accurate data

Need to update business contact information contact email address of all your contacts? Try InfoUSALeads’s email appending process to rebuild your customer database with fresh email address for less cost.

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